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Rennerid: 14709
Name: Jan Tratnik

Type of Rider:
Country of Birth: Slovenia
Place of Birth:
Birthdate: 23-02-1990
Deceased: NA
Age now: 29jr 11mnd 2dgn

Cause of Death: NA

Professional Debut: 2010
Professional End: (Not) Yet Known

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Summary Overview Classification and Stage Wins

Race Class Totals by Race Class Wins in One Day Races Victories in Stage Races Stage Wins Wins GPM-Classification Wins Points-Classification
One Day Races|1|1|0|0|0|0
Small Tours|3|0|1|2|0|0
Stage Races|2|0|0|2|0|0


Results from the Database

If you click on the Column Headers Year, Race Name or Race Class sub-headers per chosen category (eg per year) appear, indicating that the table is grouped by year,race name or race class, so the table becomes better readable with a longer palmares, such as the one of Eddy Merckx, Bernard Hinault or Joop Zoetemelk. If the header of the Age column is clicked the sub-headers will disappear. Furthermore the cells in the Classification/Stage column are clickable: in case of 'Class' the final (in one day races) or the general (in case of stage races) classification of that year in that race can be viewed. In case of 'Stage' the stage results of that race appear.

Year Classification/
   Race Name Race ClassPosition Age (yy.ddd)
Year: 2018
2018| | Flag |Settimana Internazionale Coppi e Bartali|Stage Races 1st in the 4th Stage of the Settimana Internazionale Coppi e Bartali | 28.031
| Flag |Volta Limburg Classic/Hel van het Mergelland|One Day Races 1st Volta Limburg Classic/Hel van het Mergelland | 28.037
Year: 2017
| Flag |Giro d'Italia|Grand Tours 106th Giro d'Italia | 27.095
2017| | Flag |Tour de Slovaquie|Small Tours 1st in the 0th Stage of the Tour de Slovaquie | 27.105
| Flag |Tour de Slovaquie|Small Tours 1st Tour de Slovaquie | 27.109
| Flag |Czech Cycling Tour|Small Tours 3rd Czech Cycling Tour | 27.172
| Flag |World Championship Time Trial|Championships 10th World Championship Time Trial | 27.210
Year: 2016
2016| | Flag |Tour de Slovaquie|Small Tours 1st in the 5th Stage of the Tour de Slovaquie | 26.110
| Flag |National Road Race Championship Slovenia|Championships 1st National Road Race Championship Slovenia | 26.129
| Flag |Rad am Ring|One Day Races 3rd Rad am Ring | 26.159
Year: 2015
2015| | Flag |Tour de Hongrie|Stage Races 1st in the 5th Stage of the Tour de Hongrie | 25.167
          Number of Wins: 7   



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